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Carrier Lookup

To find the out which carrier to which a cell phone number belongs, enter the number in the carrier lookup form below. Please note, this tool may not give accurate results if the phone number has been recently switched from one wireless provider to another. Be sure to enter numbers only, without using any spaces or special characters.

Find the wireless provider by cell phone number

Ever wonder how to find out which phone numbers belong to which cell provider? The Free Cell Phone Carrier Lookup allows you to find the carrier of a certain cell phone number. Cellular networks use what is known as a Home Location Register, also known as a HLR, to locate the wireless network in which to forward phone calls and text messages.

What is a Home Location Register?

The Home Location Register (HLR) is a database that stores all of the technical information for wireless network subscribers. This is used by all carriers in the U.S. and in most other countries throughout the world. The home location register is unique to each wireless network, and only hold data that pertains to the customers on that network. For example, Verizon’s HLR will only hold the information for Verizon subscribers. On the other hand, a Visiting Location Register, or VLR, keeps a record of temporary subscriber information. This is so that the wireless networks can forward calls and SMS while you are roaming or away from home.