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Cell Phones


About Cell Phones

Cell phones, more popularly called as the mobile phones or the Cellular Phones are considered as one of the best technologies introduced ever. These are the devices which enable people to communicate with each other easily. The users can receive and make phone calls over a radio link from and to public networks anywhere around the world even if one is travelling. The cell phone technology is a very peculiar one which introduced the technology of receiving of radio signals via various base stations. People are connected through a particular cellular network.

This wireless technology of communication has presently added mane latest technologies to its features. These include the SMS services, Multi-media message service, e-mails, WIFI services, Bluetooth services, audio and video recording features and many more.

Cell Phone Applications

The cellular phones are now being introduced with innumerable exciting applications that make help people with their day to day activities. GPS is one of the very useful tool which provides the exact location of wherever one is at any point of time. This technology was actually introduced for the benefits of the military personnel. But in present generation of advanced technology, this is used for many commercial and personal purposes. The GPS tracking service can be used to track any person at any point of time.

Cell Phone Advancement

Gone are the days when cell phones were just used for receiving and making calls. One of the most exciting features introduced is the WIFI services. Wi-Fi enables user to connect to different wireless networks and access the internet without the requirement of any kind of wirings. By just installing a cellular network adapter or by connecting the phone to ones’ laptop, the internet connectivity can be installed.

The Wi-Fi service ensures faster internet access as compared to that through the cellular networks. This is the best way to access the internet on phone. One of the best technologies introduced to transfer files between two phones is the Bluetooth service.

Cell Phone Multimedia

One can easily send pictures, videos, audio files from one cellular device to another neither without actually connecting the phones physically nor using the MMS service. This ensures faster and charge-free transfer between two devices. Both the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth services seem to have similar functionality i.e. wireless connection with networks, transferring files etc. The difference between the two lies in the power used. The GPS and the Bluetooth services require the same radio frequencies but GPS uses the frequencies at higher power.

The Multimedia Message Service is more commonly abbreviated as the MMS service. As implied by its name, this includes sending multi-media messages to and from other cellular devices. It is an advancement of the Short Message Service technology which involves the sending of only text messages and that too up to a maximum length of 160 characters. Usually, all systems are not MMS capable. The MMS capability is determined by some particular standards. First of all, the multimedia content is encoded in the form of a MIME e-mail and then it is received in the receiver’s device through the Internet.