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The use of EVDO wireless technology is a smart feature to find when looking for ways relating to how to use different ways to communicate with people.

History of EVDO

The history of EVDO wireless technology is worth taking a closer look at. Evolution-Data Otpimized wireless technology was created by Qualcomm in 1999 as a means of meeting standards for downloading data for a mobile network with the fastest possible speeds.

The standard was created with the intention of supporting several high-speed connections. It particularly became important as new data procedures were to be introduced with support for SMS and MMS technologies in mind.

EVDO Technical Details

EVDO wireless technology is based off of a network structure that uses the wireless IP system. This is where a connection is to be made with a wireless link to anything that might receive online access. It particularly utilizes the CDMA signal to make it easier for more devices to link up with such a system.

The base station subsystem uses a series of controllers that will adjust the ways how connections are to be run based on the data used by the singular system. Part of this entails the use of a series of antennas around the country that are used to make it easier for any device that links up to EVDO wireless technology to be its own particular hotspot without having to stop in any specific spot just to get access to it.

The carrier frequencies used in this case involve the use of many valuable standards. Carrier frequencies tend to be at either 1.25 MHz or 5 MHz. The higher frequencies tend to support faster speeds.

Phone locking is possible within this form of technology by linking up with an appropriate service provider as needed. A mobile phone provider has to offer a phone that uses 3G speeds. This is often the same standard used for getting the EVDO technology up and running.

EVDO Standards Information

The EVDO standards involve incredibly fast speeds. A network may use speeds of up to 3.1 Mbps for downloads and up to 1.8 Mbps for uploads. This is all utilized with a connection of at least 1.25 MHz in frequency.

In addition, the signal is designed to travel on the same setup that traditional phone signals can travel in. Therefore, there will be less of a risk of items deflecting in different spaces.


The EVDO system is stronger than the CDMA system. The EVDO system does utilize the same CDMA system for signals. However, the EVDO system breaks information into packets and sends each packet individually just like with a traditional internet connection. The CDMA system uses a mathematical algorithm used to adjust the data to manageable sizes.

EVDO uses less bandwidth as well, thus improving the quality of the signal. Bandwidth is not used until the carrier sends data out.

Relationships to SMS and MMS

The reason why this is so relevant for SMS and MMS use is that the EVDO system will be likely to send these messages out to other people at faster rates. In addition, this used to make it easier for high-definition audio and video files to be sent out to more people at faster rates. This has to be utilized well to keep the system running carefully.