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Today’s world is packed with scientific inventions .Life cannot be regarded as complete without wireless discoveries. They have become a part of our life such as wireless phones, Internet, mobiles, Bluetooth. These communications have made our life more easy .Multiple tasks can also be performed through these communications at once. A person can find the nearest restaurant, update their friends, and call someone on the other side of the world with a single mobile device.

An Overview of SMS

SMS means Short Messaging service. This communication technique has become a part of our life. One can send message according to their choice .Long or Short methods can be sent according to choice. Life has become easier through it.

An Overview of MMS

MMS means Multimedia Messaging Service. This service helps us to send not even text messages but also images, ringtones and videos. The greatest merit of MMS is that there is no word limitation in it.

The Role of Text Messages

Messages plays a great role in mobile phones. These are the cheapest and easy method of sending one’s own message through mobile phones. Chatting can also be done through it. People have also made it a medium for learning new English words such as LoL means laughing out loud, OMG which means Oh! My God. SMS is also helpful in business. Marketing of various products is also done through it. These short messages work as a reminder for those who sometimes forget to complete their dealings such as receiving the clothes from nearby shops.

Therefore, SMS plays a great role in our life. Personal information is not required during its activation. Delivery tracking and notifications are also available using SMS. Even the people living in foreign countries can also send messages in India through SMS services. Apart from that one can also know about the cricket scores, discounted offers, quotes and messages from great holy book GITA through messages.

Both SMS and MMS are interlinked. Firstly, they both are a part of wireless communicating device which is mobile.Technique used in both the services is non-voice communication which means without talking which helps in saving our energy and also improves our typing skills on mobile phones. In sms service only text messages can be sent but in MMS text, ringtones, videos can be shared with other persons. In SMS the word limit is 160. On the other hand in MMS service there is no word limit. One can share endlessly.

The Future of Text Messages

People regard text messages as a most reliable method of communication. These are very helpful to those persons who are new in the business field. As, it helps in promoting their business and prove as a beneficiary to them at very cheap rates .Otherwise, businessmen have to pay a lot of money in promoting their products.

Messages sent using a mobile device gets delivered in seconds. Other methods of communication are time consuming and make many people frustrated. SMS is a most popular non-voice process but which can be completed at any place. Sometimes, a person gets late due to heavy traffic. In such cases, one can do text message and in form its family through message where calling is not possible due to noise of the traffic. People highly recommend it because of its cheap rates and merits . SMS has become a necessity in our life and future cannot be expected without this discovery.