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Text Message Abbreviations

What do these text message abbreviations mean?

Today, text message abbreviations are very common. This is because text messages were originally intended to be short, hence the term Short Messaging Service. Even today, most wireless carriers limit the length of text messages to 160 characters. This led to the use of abbreviations in text messages, making SMS more concise, while maintaining clear communication.
The following covers some abbreviations that today's mobile device users have transformed into nearly a different language.


One of the most common text message abbreviations is LOL which may be used to mean laughing out loud in response to a joke in a message.


Another common and easy to type abbreviation is K which stands for okay or also to mean that the message has been acknowledged by the receiver of the text.


Among the other popular text message abbreviations used is IDK which is straightforward and easy to understand. It is used to mean I don't know in situations when you are not able to give an answer to a question. However, it is mostly used between two people are well acquainted.


IDC which means I don't care is an expression used among friends. Depending on the way it is used, it may convey lack of emotion that may be considered rude and offensive. Therefore, you should take into consideration of what scenario you are in before you decide to use this particular abbreviation.


Another text message abbreviations that is mostly used in personal conversations is 'wbu' used to mean what about you. It is used to show concern for the other party and to ask for the other person's opinion. This expression should be used when those involved in the conversation are well acquainted.


Hit me up (hmu) is used to tell someone to contact you either be text or on call. This is another acronym that is also used between people who are well acquainted.


'OMG' which means Oh My God or Oh My Gosh and is used to express shock or a sudden realization on something during the conversation between the two parties.


'BBIB' that stands for be back in a bit is a polite way of excusing yourself for a short time while texting. It is usually used in the same way as 'Brb' which is a short way to say be right back.


Teens today use 'PAW' to mean parents are watching when they are unable to do, say or text private things.


An abbreviation used to change the topic of discussion is 'BTW' which means to by the way. With time, it has become very popular because it seen to be a polite way of avoiding certain topics in a conversation.


An abbreviation that suggests disappointment is 'SMH' which means shaking my head.


JK or J/K is a way of saying "just kidding" and is used when one person tells a joke that seemed serious at first.


'PLZ' is a quick and short way of saying Please when requesting for something. While requesting someone to text you, one may opt to use 'Ptb' to mean please text back.


To show passion use 'Ily' which is short form for I love you. However, though used in good faith, it may often be interpreted in a negatively. This is because most people prefer to hear or read the words 'I love you' in full.


'DWBH' that translates to don't worry be happy is used to cheer someone up in times that the feel depressed or stressed.


One that suggests boredom is 'ssdd' which means same stuff, different day.


'Hak' which means hugs and kissed is usually used at the end of a conversation to say goodbye in a friendly manner.


To show gratitude, you can use 'TY', a shorter way of saying thank you. In response, you may reply 'YW' to mean you're welcome.


Finally, at the end of the conversation, you may say 'TTYL' to mean talk to you later.