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Top 5 Free iPhone Apps of 2014

The Apple's App Store boasts the most extensive collections of apps in the world. You can find anything that you need from the App store. But the question is which among these are best for your iPhone? The following sampled top 5 free iPhone Apps of 2014:  


The EU regulations has made people traveling to have bonuses if their flights is either delayed, canceled or overbooked. Getting your money back when in such situations can be a paperwork nightmare. But this problem has been solved by the AirHelp app. AirHelp will request for your information and after entering them will help you correct the issue. If the AirHelp succeeds in returning your compensation, it takes 25% of it and gives you 75%. If it fails, then you are not charged a fee.

MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator is an awesome app that helps students, engineers or any profession that deals with scribbling down mathematics formulas. Most of the calculators for iPhone, although can make simple calculations easu, are sometimes difficult to use when entering complex functions such as roots, exponentials or powers. This barriers have been overcome by the MyScript Calculator. The calculator allows you draw any math equation by just using your fingers. What you draw on the calculator will the be converted to  digital text and returns the answer!

UP Coffee

UP Coffee is an app by the Jawbone UP fitness band. If you are a coffee drinker, then you have to look at this app. Using the UP coffee with you UP fitness will let you know how the cups of coffee you take affects your sleep at night and even your productivity through out the day. The app works in such a way that the user inputs when and how much coffee does he or she take. The app will then take up what has been input and uses algorithms to detect any altered movements throughout the day and night using the UP band. It is a great way to determine how night-coffee can take you with no sleep.


AirBnB is an app that allows you to find accommodation in virtually anywhere around the world. To know the available accommodations, all you need to do is just enter the date you will be going together with the city and you will get the all list of the available housing locals rented in the area. AirBnB is often better and cheaper alternative than renting a hotel or hostel. It is also much better and easy way to get the experience of locals who live in the area.


When you want to travel to a place where they speak different language from yours, you have to attend a class in order to learn the basics of the language of that particular place. An app has been now created where you don't have to attend a class instead learn from your iPhone app the various languages in German, Spanish, French, English, Portuguese and Italian. That app is none other than Duolingo. The app is completely free and it is available without ads. The app has been proven to be more effective  at teaching a language than a whole university semester course on the same language.