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Top 5 Paid iPhone Apps of 2014

Having an iPhone will give you a lot of opportunities. It has vast selections of free and paid applications, which you can use it for your daily living. In fact, most software developers are designing of different platforms and productive applications for business and personal uses. If you are in search for the best iOS program that you can use then below is the list of Top 5 Paid iPhone Apps of 2014. The list of applications below are taken from different categories. This will serve as your quick guide to spend your money for purchasing paid applications:

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

This application is not just your ordinary alarm clock. It works to analyze your sleep cycle. It has features that create sleep graphs and statistics. Through this, you can monitor your physiologic's responses towards sleep. It also allows you to customize the alarm melodies (you can change the alarm tone for up to fifteen different light sounds). You can associate your stored music to fully customize the alarm sound. It has M7 co-processor that works to compute your physical activity and how it can influence your sleep cycle. You can export the sleep cycle findings to your Excel sheet, wherein you can easily monitor the change of sleep phase.

Free Music Download Pro - MP3 Downloader

This paid application is ideal for music enthusiasts. It connects you to different servers, wherein you can search, download, and play licensed music. Among its friendly-user features are Browser, Download Manager, File Manager, Play List, Media Player, and Media Library. This software gives you the opportunity to customize your downloaded music. It allows you to edit the tag, lyrics, album artwork, and other relevant music information.


This amazing application from photography category allows you to look at your best even by just using iPhone. It has several image enhancing feature that will give you the opportunity to crop, edit, and customize the background of your image. It also allows you to share your edited images in the leading social networking site. You can send your photos via email and multimedia messaging system. It includes different textures, frames, and add-ons that can improve your picture.

Fantastical 2 for iPhone - Calendar and Reminders

This paid software is ideal for organizing your daily activities and events. It has distinctive features, which allows you to secure your privacy. If you have important events that doesn't want others to know about it then this app is the best option. In here, you can customize the background, creates interactive surfaces, allows you to edit the contents of event, and has application icon bridge that appears directly to your pre-installed calendar option.


This software lets you scan PDF and JPEG files instantly. It has excellent features that will make it easier for you to store important documents. Businessmen and entrepreneurs can make a good use of this software, especially if they need an immediate means to store pertinent documents. It has Ultra-fast processor that can scan up to four pages of files per second. You can customize the stored files by using the add, edit, and delete features. These Top 5 Paid iPhone Apps of 2014 not only could be useful for personal purposes, but could also improve your daily activities.