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Weight Loss Apps for 2014

Weight-Loss Apps for the New Year

January is the time of year where everyone is trying to complete their New Year’s resolution, which is usually to lose weight.  Losing weight isn’t easy and is usually a long term commitment.  Here are a few of the best smartphone apps to help you reach your goals:


Noom Weight Loss- 3/5 Stars

  • This app focuses more on the "big picture", Noom offers a comprehensive amount of weight-loss apps and products.
  • The app comes with a Noom Weight Loss Coach costs that costs $9.99 a month to operate.
  • Calorific- the best of the Noom apps, Calorific focuses on the types of food you are eating, rating the health value of each via color (green, yellow, and red). This part of the app is focused more on long-term dietary changes, Calorific is extremely easy to use and is free!

Althouh Noom has some excellent smartphone apps available to the general market, their services are not for those who are looking to save money this year. One of the more expensive weight-loss apps, Noom Weight-Loss Coach costs $9.99 every month to run. However, if you are willing to go all-out on your weight-loss venture, you will not be disappointed with Noom's services. There are multiple add-ons available for Noom Weight Loss apps, including CardioTrainer (free) and CardioTrainerPro ($9.99), Calorific (free), and many more.


MyNetDiary- 3/5 Stars

  •  Comprehensive calorie tracker
  • Free to try
  • Available on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry
  • Diabetes tracking
  • Extensive food library to make calorie tracking easy
  • Registered Dietitians monitor the Community boards
  • Costs starting at 3.99 for installation and membership plans which range from free to $60/year

MyNetDiary stands out as a weight-loss app for two reasons: It has an excellent community support system established and it is one of the only intuitive options for diabetics looking to use a weight-loss data on their smartphones. Although it is not the best rate or the most comprehensive of apps, it fills a previously-unfulfilled category in the weight-loss app world.


MyFitnessPal- 4/5 Stars

  • Food journals with comprehensive adding
  • Available on Android and iPhone
  • Users are able to personalize their individual diet profile
  • Exercise Tracker
  • Completely free!

The MyFitnessPal app is possibly the best free weight-loss application available on either the Android or iPhone marketplace. MyFitnessPal has features which are easy to use and goal settings can be personalized for individual users.


Lose It!- 5/5 Stars

  • More comprehensive than MyFitnessPal
  • Available for iOS, Android, Kindle, and online
  •  Tracks goal progress surrounding sleep, exercise, measurements, macronutrients, and more
  • Extremely interactive with peer support, challenges, etc.
  • $39.99 annual cost for premium services; plus additional devices and apps

The most intuitive and comprehensive of all the weight-loss apps available, LoseIt! is a must-have for anyone who really wants to see results. Although there is an annual fee for premium services, LoseIt! is an exceptional deal for those who are serious about their desire to lose weight. LoseIt! has an extremely active online support team, challenges for motivation, and goal tracking for many different facets of weight loss.