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Wireless Carriers

The most widely known wireless telecommunications service providers in the U.S. include:

Operator Voice Technology Data Technology Ownership
Airfire Mobile GSM GPRS ,  EDGE Airadigm Communications
Alaska Communications CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO , LTE Alaska Communications
Alltel CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO Atlantic Tele-Network
Appalachian Wireless CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO ,LTE Appalachian Wireless
ASTAC GSM GPRS,  WiMax The Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative
Asset/Vada Wireless• MVNO  using AT&T/ TMobile GSM Vada MVNE
AT&T Mobility•Includes GoPhone Prepaid, Dobson Cellular, Edge Wireless and Centennial Wireless GSM, UMTS, HSDPA GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+, LTE
BeyondMobile •MVNO using Sprint CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO ,  WiMAX Cbeyond
Bluegrass Cellular CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO ,  WiMax Bluegrass Cellular, Inc.
Blue Wireless CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO Buffalo-Lake Erie Wireless
Boost Mobile • MVNO  using Sprint CDMA ,  iDEN CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO Sprint Nextel Corporation
Broadpoint GSM GPRS ,  EDGE Petrocom Inc.
Calhan Wireless GSM GPRS ,  EDGE ,  HSPA ,  HSPA+ Calhan Wireless Inc.
call4care GSM ASPIDER Solutions
Carolina West Wireless CDMA Unknown Partnership between Skyline Telephone, Surry Telephone and Wilkes Telephone
Cellcom CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO NSight Telservices
Cellular Abroad • MVNO  using  T-Mobile USA  &  AT&T GSM ,  UMTS ,  HSDPA GPRS ,  EDGE ,  UMTS ,  HSPA Cellular Abroad, Inc.
Cellular One of East Central Illinois GSM GPRS ,  EDGE Cellular Properties Inc.
Cellular One of East Arizona GSM GPRS ,  EDGE Smith Bagley
Cellular One of Northeast Pennsylvania •Acquired by Verizon Wireless CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO South Canaan Cellular
Cellular One Bermuda CDMA ,  UMTS CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO ,  HSPA Bermuda Digital Communications Ltd.
Cellular One Nation GSM GPRS ,  EDGE MTPCS, LLC.
Cellular One TXOK GSM GPRS Choice Wireless, LLC
C Spire Wireless CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO Cellular South
Chariton Valley Wireless GSM GPRS ,  EDGE Chariton Valley Telephone Company
Cincinnati Bell Wireless GSM , GAN ,  UMTS EDGE ,  HSPA ,  HSPA+ Cincinnati Bell, Inc.  (100%)
Clearwire WiMAX Clearwire  (27%), Sprint Nextel (51%), others (22%)
Clear Talk CDMA CDMA2000 NTCH
Commnet Wireless GSM ,  CDMA Commnet Wireless
Consumer Cellular • MVNO  using AT&T GSM GPRS ,  EDGE Consumer Cellular
Cordova Wireless GSM GPRS Cordova Telephone
Corr Wireless •Being acquired by Cellular South GSM GPRS ,  EDGE Corr Wireless
CREDO Moble • MVNO  using Sprint CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO Working Assets
Cricket Communications •Includes Cricket PAYGo & RadioShack No Contract Wireless CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO Leap Wireless
Cross Communications GSM GPRS ,  EDGE Cross Communications
DTC Wireless GSM GPRS ,  EDGE DTC Wireless Systems
Eclipse Mobile CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO New World Innovators Inc.
Earthtones GSM Unknown
Element Mobile CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO Element Mobile
Epic PCS GSM CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO Epic Touch
Fuzion Mobile GSM Fuzion Mobile, Inc.
GCI Wireless GSM ,  UMTS ,  CDMA GPRS ,  EDGE ,  CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO ,  UMTS ,  HSPA ,  HSPA+ General Communication
Golden State Cellular CDMA CDMA2000 California RSA No.3
GoSmart Mobile • MVNO  using T-Mobile GSM GPRS ,  EDGE ,  UMTS Subsidiary of T-Mobile USA
GreatCall • MVNO  using Verizon CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO GreatCall Inc.
GTC Wireless • MVNO  using AT&T GSM Atrium Wireless Partners, LLC
i-wireless • MVNO  using Sprint CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO Kroger
i wireless GSM GPRS ,  EDGE ,  UMTS ,  HSPA Iowa Wireless Services
Immix GSM GPRS ,  EDGE Immix
Indigo Wireless GSM GPRS ,  EDGE Indigo Wireless
Jolt Wireless • MVNO  using AT&T GSM Jolt Wireless
KDDI Mobile • MVNO  using Sprint CDMA EV-DO ,  WiMAX KDDI America, Inc.
KTC PACE GSM GPRS Kaplan Telephone Company
Liberty Wireless • MVNO  using Sprint CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO TelePlus Enterprises, Inc.
Locus Mobile • MVNO  using AT&T and Verizon GSM ,  CDMA Locus Telecommunications
Long Lines Wireless GSM GPRS ,  EDGE Long Lines
MetroPCS Communications CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO , LTE MetroPCS Communications, Inc.
Mobal Freedom • MVNO  using AT&T GSM GPRS ,  EDGE Mobal Communications
Mobi PCS CDMA EV-DO Coral Wireless LLC dba Mobi PCS
Movida Wireless • MVNO  using Sprint CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO Movida Communications, Inc.
NEP Wireless GSM GPRS ,  EDGE North-Eastern Pennsylvania Telephone
Nex-Tech Wireless CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO Nex-Tech
nTelos CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO nTelos Holdings Corp.
Page Plus Cellular • MVNO  using Verizon CDMA CDMA2000 Page Plus Cellular
Panhandle Telecommunication Systems, Inc. DBA PTCI Cellular CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO PTCI Cellular
Pine Cellular GSM GPRS Pine Cellular
Pioneer Cellular CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO Pioneer Cellular
Plateau Wireless GSM GPRS ,  EDGE PlateauTel
PlatinumTel Prepaid Wireless • MVNO  using T-Mobile CDMA PlatiumTel Communications, LLC
Pocket Communications CDMA 1xRTT Pocket Communications
Pure Prepaid • MVNO  using AT&T GSM Powered by Telrite
Pure TalkUSA • MVNO  using AT&T GSM Powered by Telrite
Republic Wireless • MVNO  using Sprint CDMA Bandwidth.com
Revol Wireless CDMA CDMA2000 Cleveland Unlimited
ReadyMobile • MVNO  using Sprint CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO HH Ventures
Simple Mobile • MVNO  using T-Mobile GSM GPRS ,  EV-DO , HSPA+ Simple Mobile
Shaka Mobile • MVNO  using Verizon and Sprint GSM ,  CDMA GPRS ,  EV-DO Shaka Mobile
SouthernLINC iDEN Southern Company
Sprint Nextel •Includes Nextel Direct Connect Network, Sprint As You Go,  Boost Mobile  and Virgin Mobile USA •Wholesale  and affiliates CDMA ,  iDEN ,  UMTS CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO ,  WiMAX , LTE Sprint Nextel Corporation
Standing Rock Telecom CDMA Tribally Owned
Stelera Wireless HSPA Stelera Wireless LLC
STI Mobile • MVNO  using Sprint CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO STi Mobile
Syringa Wireless CDMA CDMA2000 Syringa Wireless
TalkForGood • MVNO  using Verizon CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO TalkForGood
Telecom North America Mobile Inc GSM GPRS Telecom North America Inc
TerreStar GSM  terrestrial and satellite GPRS ,  EDGE ,  HSPA Terrestar Corporation
Thumb Cellular CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO Thumb Cellular
Ting • MVNO  using Sprint CDMA CDMA2000 , LTE Tucows
T-Mobile USA •Includes T-Mobile Monthly4G and GoSmart Mobile •Wholesale  and affiliates GSM ,  UMTS , GAN GPRS ,  EDGE ,  UMTS ,  HSPA ,  HSPA+ Deutsche Telekom
TracFone Wireless • MVNO  using Claro Puerto Rico , AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular and T-Mobile USA •Includes NET10 Wireless, SafeLink Wireless, Straight Talk, SIMPLE Mobile  and Telcel América GSM ,  CDMA GPRS ,  CDMA2000 América Móvil
Tru • MVNO  using  T-Mobile USA GSM ,  UMTS ,  HSDPA GPRS ,  EDGE ,  UMTS ,  HSPA Software Cellular Network Ltd (North America)
Trumpet Mobile • MVNO  using Sprint CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO Affinity Mobile
Union Wireless GSM GPRS Union Telephone
U.S. Cellular •Includes TalkTracker Prepaid CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO , LTE U.S. Cellular Corporation
Verizon Wireless •Includes Verizon Prepaid CDMA ,  UMTS CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO , (98.2 million)Verizon Communications and Vodafone
Viaero Wireless GSM GPRS ,  EDGE , HSPA+ Viaero Wireless
Virgin Mobile USA •MVNO using Sprint CDMA CDMA2000, EV-DO Sprint Nextel Corporation
Wal-Mart Family Mobile • MVNO  using T-Mobile GSM ,  UMTS , GAN GPRS ,  EDGE ,  UMTS ,  HSPA Wal-Mart Family Mobile
West Central Wireless GSM GPRS ,  EDGE West Central Wireless
Westlink GSM GPRS ,  EDGE Westlink Communications
XIT Communications GSM GPRS ,  EDGE XIT Communications
Zing PCS • MVNO  using Sprint CDMA CDMA2000 ,  EV-DO FLATEL Wireless, Inc.